His Excellency Ghassan I. Shaker is a founder and patron of various charity organisations in the Middle East and Turkey.

He is Patron of the Semiha Sakir Foundation, Turkey, comprising hospitals, schools, retirement homes, orphanages, maternity hospitals and education at primary, middle, higher and university levels.

He is Patron of Skoun Rehabilitation Insititute in Lebanon, the first walk-in outpatient therapeutic facility in Lebanon that offers prevention, awareness and psychological treatment, to drug users and society at large.

His Excellency Ghassan I. Shaker was appointed as a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Goodwill Ambassador in 1990 [since retired]. During his appointment, he funded numerous educational projects benefitting women, children and refugees in the most difficult circumstances.

Through his help, UNESCO was able to rebuild and equip destroyed schools and provide desperately needed emergency aid to women and children whose lives had been ravaged by war.